24 Modern Double Vanity Bathroom Ideas to Help you in your Choice

Each bathroom is made better by the addition of a vanity. Vanities—which, at their core, are actually simply made up of sinks and mirrors—add functionality to any bathroom. They assist you in easily preparing in the morning, checking your reflection in the midst of a celebration, and washing your palms any time you want. However, typically one vanity merely isn’t sufficient. For those who share a bathroom with another person, you may crave your personal getting-ready area. And even for those who’re flying solo, possibly you simply want to take full benefit of the area you’ve. In either case, a double vanity might take your area from good to even better. We all need some thumbs when it concerns having modern double vanity bathroom ideas and that’s why we are here to help you out.

Since double vanities can vary immensely when it comes to dimension and design, you need to have the ability to discover—or curate—one that matches right into your area. Scroll on to see 24 double vanity ideas that will have you craving a bathroom designed for 2.

1. Bring Out the Best in Your Space

A bathroom with a wood-lined double vanity

Before adding anything to your space, you’ll need to take a very good, lengthy look at what you have already got. If natural boundaries are already constructed into your space, let your vanity stretch from wall to wall. For those who get lots of natural light, make sure to work around your windows.

Begin by figuring out your bathroom’s best options, and then add a double vanity that makes essentially the most of them.

2. Think about Your Whole Space

A bathroom with black tile-lined walls, a freestanding tub, and a double vanity

Your vanity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Odds are, it makes up only one corner of your bathroom—so it must match the remainder of your design.

Search for alternatives so as to add consistency and cohesion to your space. In case your bathroom is lined with smooth black tiles, think about using just a few matching accents in your vanity.

3. Let Your Sink Get Wide

A double vanity with an extra-wide sink

Take full benefit of the space you’ve. In case your bathroom is wide, let your vanity stretch across it, and put money into one sprawling sink rather than two smaller ones.

This statement-making accent won’t work in every space—largely because it actually won’t match into each space—however, in case you have room, it could remodel your bathroom into a complete show-stopper.

4. Spring for Statement-Making Mirrors

A double vanity with statement-making mirrors and lighting fixtures

Mirrors play a vital role in any vanity, and in case you’re crafting a double vanity, you’ve the choice to spring for not one—but two—statement-making mirrors.

Search for bold items that blend function and type. You need a mirror you like looking at, but it’s nearly useless if you can’t see your reflection in it.

Barnyard Designs Decorating Mirror

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5. Spread Your Vanity Across Your Room

A large bathroom with two vanities, a freestanding tub, and a pink printed rug

Vanities are sometimes restricted to at least one wall or corner, but that doesn’t imply they must be. When you’ve got the area for it, why not let your vanity stretch across two completely different walls?

This may maximize your space for storing, rendering your bathroom much more useful than it already is.

6. Make the Most of Your Area

An all-white bathroom with a double sink

Double vanities aren’t off-limits in small bathrooms. For those who’re navigating a small space, search for inventive methods to benefit from what you’ve got. A double sink will remodel your vanity without adding much extra width, and should you spring for a wall-mounted choice, it can save you space under your sink, too.

7. Cozy Things Up With a Rug

A double vanity with a large circular mirror

Bathroom flooring are typically lined with tiles, which might feel chilly and harsh on bare toes, so cozy up your space with a rug. This rug may be as bold or as delicate as you need it to be—just be sure you love the way it feels under your toes. Its main goal is to keep you feeling comfy.

Shaggy Rugs Bathroom Floor Carpet Mat

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8. Design From Ceiling to Floor

A bathroom with a wooden double vanity and boldly tiled floors

Vanities are typically fairly tall, so that they naturally guide the eye from ceiling to ground. Given this, you’ll need to be sure that your vanity feels cohesive from top to bottom. Start with your light fittings, work your way all the way down to your cabinets, and don’t forget about your flooring.

That is particularly necessary if there are bold accents in your space. Printed tiles are sure to make a statement, and also you need to be sure that your vanity looks nice next to them.

9. Spend money on Good Lighting

A blue-gray double vanity with black-rimmed mirrors

Vanities aren’t only for hand-washing: they’re additionally for preparing and checking your reflection, so good lighting is essential.

Put money into statement lighting that appears good in your house, and that offers you all the light you’re searching for. You need your vanity to be pretty, but you also need it to be practical. Lighting a great place to strike a balance between the 2. Choosing the right lighting is what gives your bathroom the warm look that you are looking for.

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10. Free Up Space With a Hovering Sink

A double vanity with a hovering sink

A variety of sinks are constructed into cabinets that run all the way down to the ground, and this may be nice for maximizing storage space. However, if you wish to make your room feel slightly bigger, you could be better off with a hovering option.

Many hovering sinks come hooked up to cabinets and drawers that offer you loads of space to store your stuff. Since they hover several feet above the ground, they will make your house feel and appear slightly roomier.

11. Use Pendant Lights to Your Advantage

A double vanity framed by several gold pendant lights

You don’t need to mount your lights on your wall—as an alternative, you may dangle them from your ceiling. This use of pendant lighting is a inventive method to free up space, providing you with extra wall space to work with. Plus, it tends to look incredibly striking—and that’s always a plus.

12. Let Your Palette Set the Mood

A double vanity mounted on a gray tile-lined wall

Colour sets the mood in any space, so make sure to select your palette thoughtfully. Bear in mind that you’ve got your walls, your flooring, your cupboards, and your counter tops to play with—you may also use your mirrors to introduce an accent colour or two.

13. Set the Tone With Every Detail

A bathroom with a blue double vanity and several beachy accents

For those who’re constructing out a vanity from scratch rather than working with a pre-made option, make sure to put thought into each detail. Your vanity isn’t just a sink and a mirror, as you also have things like counter tops, cabinets, and lighting to think about.

Put some additional effort and time in when purchasing, and also you’ll thank yourself when your picture-perfect bathroom finally comes together.

14. Try a Hanging Mirror

A double vanity made up of two hanging mirrors displayed over a bay window

For those who’ve been blessed with an enormous bathroom window, don’t cover the entire thing up simply to make your vanity work. As an alternative, search for inventive methods to make use of the asset to your advantage.

Think about an out-of-the-box solution—like hanging mirrors from your ceiling. This option will maximize the functionality of your vanity without sacrificing the natural light from your window.

15. Make the Most of Your Corners

A double vanity extended across a corner

Most vanities exist on a single wall or on a smaller portion of a single wall. However, yours may just as easily stretch across a corner. When you’ve got two adjoining walls to work with, contemplate turning each into vanities.

Designate one vanity as a hand-washing station, and the other as your go-to getting-ready spot. Simply be sure that both vanities meet your wants, and you might be good to go.

16. Treat Yourself to a Little Counter Space

A bathroom featuring a double vanity with ample counterspace

When curating a vanity, most of us prioritize our sinks and our mirrors—and we fully neglect our counter tops. However, ample counter space makes any bathroom extra usable. Remember to add it to your checklist of priorities and to treat yourself to a good amount, you probably have the space for it.

17. Spring for a Vessel Sink

A bathroom with a double vanity equipped with two vessel sinks

Vessel sinks always make a statement because they’re the kind of thing you discover in sleek hotel bathrooms—not in somebody’s house. So, if in case you have the funds and the stamina to put in a brand new sink, contemplate investing in a statement-making choice.

A bold sink can remodel your space—even if you happen to keep the rest of your decor comparatively simple.

Thia White Marble Vessel Sink

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18. Outfit Your Space in Extras

A black double vanity outfitted with plants, baskets, and plush towels

No bathroom is totally functional without cleaning soap, hand towels, and an obvious place to store used linens. Make room for these things as you construct out your vanity, then make sure to stock up on them as soon as the design process is finished.

19. Watch out for your Hardware Items as Well

A bathroom with matching hardware, faucets, and mirror rims

Vanities are lined with hardware items: there are sink taps, drawer pulls, mirror frames, and lighting to consider. And if you zoom out even further, you’ll discover other kinds of accessories—like towel racks and door hinges—filling your bathroom as nicely.

Your hardware items doesn’t need to match perfectly, but it surely should feel cohesive. So, keep an eye on it as you outfit your space.

Gold Bathroom Faucet

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20. Use Statement Lighting to Frame Your Vanity

A bathroom with a wooden double vanity and metal-rimmed mirrors

Many vanities boast lighting installed above mirrors, but typically, you’ll see lighting installed next to mirrors, as an alternative. When you’ve got the space for it, this can be a statement-making option.

You may frame each mirror with two lights for a total of 4, or you may frame both mirrors with two lights. The latter option will visually group your mirrors together, making your double vanity really feel more like one strong unit.

21. Try Out a Wall-Mounted Sink

A maximalist bathroom with boldly tiled floors and a double sink

Wall-mounted sinks could make an exciting addition to any bathroom, however they’re particularly fun when used with a double vanity.

Why? Wall-mounted sinks aren’t the kind of thing you see on a daily basis—and double wall-mounted sinks are even rarer, so they’re certain to make a statement in your space.

22. Maximize Your Storage Area

A double vanity with black cabinets and gold-rimmed mirrors

Vanities are better when they provide ample space for storing. After all, you want a spot to put your toiletries. And—lest you need to spoil your carefully curated vanity aesthetic—you can’t simply place that stuff on your counter tops. Remember to build loads of cupboards and drawers into your space.

For those who’re navigating a small bathroom, search for intelligent locations to add storage—like in cupboards tucked behind your mirrors.

23. Go Mirrorless

A small bathroom with a blue double vanity

You can also make a double vanity work in just about any space—even one which is uniquely shaped. So, don’t sweat it if a slanted wall makes it arduous to mount a mirror.

Store your sink there, and place a mirror close by. This deconstructed method won’t make your vanity any much less useful. In reality, it gives an intelligent way to take advantage of your space.

24. Put money into Thoughtful Finishing Touches

A double vanity made up of two oval mirrors and a hovering wooden cabinet

The cherry on top of any beautiful bathroom? The accent pieces that make it really feel homey and complete. So spend money on cozy extras, like plush towels and pretty plants. These little additions will make your rest room really feel extra pleasant—providing you with something to enjoy each time you step foot in the room.

We hope that these modern double vanity bathroom ideas have given you some thoughts on how to design or remodel your bathroom to become more elegant. If you found this article useful, give us a little push by sharing it on the social media networks.

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