The best alcove bathtubs 2020 design ideas for a modern touch to your bathroom

Whether it is a bathroom renovation project or you are building a new a bathroom, selecting the best bathtub to fit your style, bathroom theme and needs is very difficult. Choosing the right bathtub can be a really daunting task. with so many varying styles and customisation available on the market. However, it all boils down to one question: “How big is your bathroom and where do you want to locate it? For those with a more space-conscience focus, an alcove soaking bathtub is a popular choice due to its compact yet versatile design. We will cover this topic and try to provide you with the best alcove bathtubs 2020 design ideas to help you in making the right choice.

What are soaking tubs?

I know that perhaps some people reading this post have no experience or whatsoever in bathroom terminologies. This is just a brief introduction to understand what we will be talking about as we read along. As a matter of fact, there are four main types of soaking tubs; namely the free-standard tub, drop-in tub, corner tub and the alcove tub.

The term “soaking” relates to having the whole or part of body covered with water as you are taking a bath. It provides you with the same sensation as being completely or partly immersed in the sea waters.

Here is a brief overview of the different types of bathtubs available on the market:

Free-Standing Tubs (Clawfoots and Slippers)

Free-standing tubs are unconnected to walls or any other surface. This classic tub, though, requires a large bathroom to accommodate the tub and buffer room around the tub for circulation. They are normally the centrepiece element in a bathroom much like an island element in a kitchen.

For one, free-standing tubs tend to be significantly more expensive than alcove and drop-in tubs; expect to pay $2,000 or more. For another, you need to have space for free-standing tubs. Yes, you can install these tubs in a three-sided enclosure, but why would you? Free-standing tubs are all about freedom. Freedom of movement, freedom of space.

Slipper and clawfoot tubs fit into this category, and both convey the impression of antiquity. Thus, you need a house worthy of such a tub. One major downside of free-standing tubs are the exposed plumbing. You can purchase specialised plumbing parts that camouflage this exposure.

Drop-in Bathtubs

For an upscale look, drop-in tubs feature a self-rimming edge and are ‘dropped’ into a platform. These versatile bathtubs are a great choice for many, as they can be installed in several locations. The platform provides unlimited design options, for a look that truly coordinates with the rest of your bathroom.

This unique bathtub requires you to have a carpenter build a deck or peninsula that juts into the room. The tub is then installed in that structure.

These tubs can be installed in an alcove, but most often are installed in a more open area. As such, the drop-ins usually require more floor space than alcoves and cost slightly higher: about $600 to $700.

Corner Bathtubs

Sometimes your bathroom is too small to accommodate a full sized tub. Then behold, the corner tub for small bathrooms. About half the size of a traditional tub, a corner tub efficiently fills that awkward corner space, and can work as just a tub, or a tub and shower combo.

Corner tubs are not about bathing the children. They are all about Mom or Dad indulging in-home spa therapy—with the bathroom door securely locked!

Always expensive, corner bathtubs eat up lots of bathroom floor space and appear to have no practical use. But who cares about practicality? If you like bathing in pairs or trios, this tub is for you.

Triangular tubs are actually five-sided, not three-sided, as the name implies. One downside of this tub is that they take forever to fill up. More capacity equals more water volume needed.

Now let us go back to Alcove Bathtubs

Alcoves are the easiest and cheapest tubs you can buy and install. But you pay the price with sizing, as most alcoves tubs are only 60 inches long.

The alcove tub is the kind we all know, and many of us may have grown up with. This tub fits in a three-walled enclosure. When the walls are tiled or fitted with panels, the enclosure can be used for a tub/shower combination.

The alcove bathtub is all about maximizing your space: It’s the tub with the smallest footprint. The standard length for an alcove tub is 60 inches but can range from 53 to 72 inches.

Top 5 best Alcove Bathtub Design Ideas

Now you have a broader idea on the basics and different kind of bathtubs available and definitely you are one step forward in terms of bathroom expertise. Let us now see the top five best alcove bathtubs available on the market. This list is not exhaustive and are only suggestions to give you some ideas on the type of alcove tubs you want to use for your bathroom.

#1 Mastella Design bathtubs KELLY BOOK built-in bathtub

best alcove bathtubs 2020

What I really like about this alcove bathtub is that it does not look like a bathtub at all when you are in the front view. As a matter of fact, it blends well into the decor and looks so stylish and luxurious that you would not want to use it as a bath.

There are many storage areas in the front to help you store your sanitary products, essential oils (for a romantic evening between couples) and towels.

This alcove soaking tub comes with the following features:

#2 NEPTUNE DAPHNE bathtub 32×60 with Tiling Flange, Left drain, Mass-Air, Black, High Gloss Acrylic

best alcove bathtubs 2020

This has got a contemporary look to it but yet it looks modern – they say “Ancient are the new trend”. I believe the white design on the front is what makes it really stylish. This bathtub will go well in a bathroom having a white theme.


  • L 59 3/4″ x W 32 1/4″ x H 19 1/2″
  • Alcove installation type
  • Water Capacity: 54 gallons
  • Water Depth: 13 5/8″
  • Whirlpool includes 6 Turbo jets, 5 micro-rotating back jets, 13 A pump, diverter valve and electronic control
  • Click for more info.

#3 KOHLER K-875-0 Bellwether Bath with Integral Apron and Left-hand Drain, White

best alcove bathtubs 2020

The KOHLER alcove soaking tub offers a very minimalist look, but still blends well with whatever decor you will use for your bathroom. In addition to being functional, it is very helpful for giving a bath to kids due to its unique slim design.


  • 60″L x 32″W x 15-1/2″H
  • Durable and easy-to-clean KOHLER(R) Cast Iron
  • 15″ step-over threshold for easy entrance and exit
  • Safeguard(R) slip-resistant surface
  • Click for more info.

#4 KINGSTON BRASS 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub with Right Hand Drain and Overflow Holes , White

best alcove bathtubs 2020

The sleek design of the KINGSTON tub makes it so luxurious and modern and will make your bathroom look just like those bathrooms that you find in catalogs:


  • Solid Acrylic Reinforced with Fiberglass and Resin Material
  • Alcove Drop-in Tub with Apron
  • 2-4 mm Thickness Acrylic Construction
  • Overall Dimensions : 60 x 31 x 22.5 (all dimensions are in inches )
  • 58.2 Gallon Tub Capacity
  • Click for more info.

#5 Devonshire 60 In. x 32 In. Alcove Bath with Integral Apron, Tile Flange, and Right-Hand Drain, White

White contemporary design for your bathroom is just what you need if you are more of the antique style.


  • Unique styling reminiscent of old-world elegance integrates with the Devonshire Suite
  • Integral apron simplifies alcove installation
  • Integral flange simplifies installation and prevents the possiblity of water damage behind the wall
  • Acrylic
  • Designed for one-person bathing
  • Click for more info.


As a final note, there are different kinds of alcove soaking tubs available on the market out there, namely the the free-standard tub, drop-in tub, corner tub and the alcove tub. The choice for the type of tubs depends on how big your bathroom and where you want to locate it. For example, if you are space-conscious and want to maximize on your bathroom floor area, then alcove soaking tubs are definitely the best choice and then you can select from the best alcove bathtubs 2020 design ideas that we have provided you.

Obviously, if you are going for an alcove soaking tub, you should have a bathroom layout design which can accommodate this tub type. For a new bathroom, you should include the wall separations in your drawings for the alcove soaking tub prior to building your bathroom.

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